Love yourself - It All Begins With You


Eat like you love yourself

Move like you love yourself

Speak like you love yourself

Act like you love yourself

Love yourself.

- Tara Stiles


Even though our brand focuses on caring for animals, we are big advocates on how we should care for our own mind and bodies as well. Simply because, the inner reflects the outer. We believe the change we wish to see in the world first starts with the self.

We also embrace inclusiveness. We don’t believe in preaching a strict diet or lifestyle because everyone is on their own journey, and we believe that people do want to do better, and should be encouraged at whichever stage of their journey they are at. All we want to do is inspire, and let the effects ripple. 

One thing is for sure - a lifestyle that is focused largely on plant-based whole foods will do anyone good, which extends to our animals. 

Take good care of yourselves, to show up better for the world. ⁠⠀

(Pictured: While in Bali - a daily delicious vegan smoothie bowl)


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