[VW] Himalayan Clear Quartz Cluster
[VW] Himalayan Clear Quartz Cluster

[VW] Himalayan Clear Quartz Cluster

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Even though clear quartz is considered one of the most abundant in the mineral kingdom, its beauty is evergreen, and it has so many uses to it. 

It's one of the most programmable crystals, ie. giving your crystal a job by setting your intentions to work with you to achieve a desired outcome. It can also be placed with other crystals to amplify their specific energies. 

Personally, quartz clusters are my all-time favourite. Sacred geometry and the wonders of our universe can be easily seen and admired through it. They're perfect as home decor, as well as layering with other crystals to create your own unique sacred space. 

  • Crystal measures: 10.5cm  highest point, 8.6cm length
  • 185g
  • Origin: Himalayan region of Pakistan
  • Comes with the pictured acrylic stand

[All quartz clusters come with their own imperfections, and most of them have blunt points. These happen usually during the mining process. Any notable issues will be pointed out. Most of our quartz cluster are carefully picked to have little or close to zero rock base, so we recommend not to use its weight as a main deciding factor.]

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• I use my abilities as an energy healer to energetically cleanse each crystal that goes to you, of negative energy, and heal any energetic damage that it has. It's highly recommended that you cleanse them on your own regularly.

• My journey with raw crystals has taught me to learn to accept their 'imperfections', just as how we should accept our own. After all, everything created by mother nature is already whole and perfect in itself.

Remember the magic that lies within you
Reawaken to the true power that lies with you

May your heart awaken to pure love, and your spirit bloom to its highest potential

I hope crystals serve as tools and companions to journey through life, and finding your way home to your true self

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