Pellura is the creation of Grace Tan, brought forth by a mesh of my natural gravitation towards healing in various forms, the beauty and energies of crystals, normalizing the mystical, home decor and photography.

I take pride in offering quality and unique crystals that you'll love to have in your collection and space.

Crystal Magick

I view crystals as sentient beings, comprising of energies from our universe and mother earth.  When we invite crystals into our space, their beauty and unique energies create an uplifting environment for us to thrive in, help us to reconnect with mother earth, and bring us joy simply by looking at them. They can help us in the simplest and also the most profound ways.

How the word Pellura came about

The word Pellura was inspired by the word Pellucid, which means ‘clear’, ‘allowing the maximum passage of light’.

In my personal bumpy journey of spiritual awakening over the last decade, it finally dawned upon me the importance of having clarity in this journey of inner seeking.

And I hope this for everyone - clarity in their journey.